5 Security Cameras That Work Without Wi-Fi

There are many security cameras on the market that work without an active internet connection. This can be especially helpful if you have a spotty or poor internet network in your area. In this article, we will tell you about some of the cameras that can function without Wi-Fi connectivity.

What Security Camera Works Without Wi-Fi

1. CCTV cameras: These closed-circuit cameras used for surveillance purposes by law enforcement authorities and business owners do not require an active internet connection. They are directly connected to a display using cables and their footage is stored on a DVD or an NVR system. There are different types of CCTV cameras available such as analog and IP cameras.

2. Analog: These cameras transfer their live feed to a DVR system with the help of a coaxial cable.

3. HD-over-coax:  These cameras can transmit uncompressed video to recorders using a co-axial cable. The resolution of these cameras is very high since they transmit over co-axial cable.

4. IP: These cameras are made for personal usage for surveillance purposes and are usually more expensive in price

Now, these are some cameras that you can purchase and use without a Wi-Fi connection

1. Defender PHOENIXM2 security camera

This is one of the best security cameras that doesn’t require any internet at all. It is designed to work in the harshest of conditions including locations with sub-zero temperatures. The night vision feature of the camera can help you spot things as far as 40 feet away and will automatically take pictures at sunset. There is also a two-way audio system so you can communicate with the person near the cameras.You can pair upto 4 of these cameras on a split-screen monitor and store 128 GB of footage using its SecureGuard encryption feature

2. Reolink 4G LTE security camera

In case your area doesn’t have good Wi-Fi or broadband connectivity but has a decent cellular network then you can consider the Reolink 4G LTE security camera. This camera as the name suggest uses a 4G network instead of Wi-Fi and can provide 2K high-quality surveillance footage with 16x digital zoom. You can also use the 4-megapixel camera to spot people from 10 meters away. Its smart detection system can identify and recognize objects such as cars or persons and categorize them.

You can then filter the videos which you wish to watch. You can configure the camera to start recording automatically when it sees any motion and store it in the supported 128 GB of microSD card storage. The company also gives you the option to upload the footage on its Reolink Cloud service. Its huge 7800 mAH battery can record for months without requiring a recharge and its solar panel will help it rejuvenate naturally. The camera is IP65 rated so you can use it during rains and the app offers useful features such as time-lapse, two communication and the ability to show camera feeds to 12 different people.

3. ZOSI 4 channel video security camera system

This is a high-end CCTV camera system that comes with 4 cameras and 1TB storage space on the NVR system to record footage. You can also connect it to a TV or computer monitor using an HDMI or VGA cable. It can record crisp 4K footage and has features such as a smart sound and alarm system to prevent intruders. The setup process is easy and you can spot people at night using its AI detection and night vision capabilities. Like other cameras in the list, it also supports continuous recording and two-way communication with the person near the camera.

The entire camera system is connected using cables while it also supports wireless connection if you have one.It can be a good choice if you are looking for a high-quality camera security system.

4. HeimVision HM241 camera security system

This is a good security system that can work without Wi-Fi and supports features such as night vision and survival rough weather conditions thanks to its IP66 resistance. It also supports features such as motion detection, privacy protection and a free app to help you monitor on the move. The camera system is easy to install and be a good choice to safeguard your office or home

5. Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight camera

This small but powerful security camera can work without Wi-Fi and comes with features such as Alexa integration and a built-in flashlight. It can record high-quality footage at 2K resolution and has night vision capability. You don’t need an NVR to operate it and you can carry and place it anywhere due to its compact size. The companion app of the camera is user-friendly and easy to use however some features require you to purchase a subscription that costs $3 per month. You can upload the footage to the cloud using its 30-day cloud recording feature.

It operates using LTE cellular connectivity so you don’t need an active Wi-Fi connection and it can be a good choice for those looking for a portable security camera

That’s it, these are some of the reliable security cameras that operate without a Wi-Fi connection and can help you secure your property with their different features.