About Us

SmartHomeHood – Home to the most efficient and up-to-date smart home solutions out there. Made by determined and experienced team, bringing to light the most valuable and most insightful answers to the most hard to answer questions about smart homes and solutions.

Question. Have you ever thought twice about the devices and utilitary solutions you set up at your home? Not many do, but it makes sense why.

The Industry At The Moment

After all these years, suppliers are still sticking to traditional and out-of-date, so-called ‘smart solutions’, often because it’s more straightforward and less financially demanding to manufacture.

Rest assured, because we, at SmartHomeHood have a passion for exploring new smart home possibilities, options, and solutions.

With our panel of experts, we’re able to find the most top-of-the-line solutions, and bring them to either beginner smart home enthusiasts or experienced veterans. 

It is a funky and unforgiving business, but we love it. 

Real Solutions Not Unconventional Ones

There are thousands upon thousands of practical and revolutionary ways that you can improve your home today, and yet, for some reason, they tend to feel inaccessible for the average consumer. What we say to that is: No more.

No more inefficient, not ECO-friendly, and frankly historic solutions that are marketed as ‘smart’. Expand on your knowledge of technology and practical solutions based on research in a much more accessible form.

Our Dedication

Each member of our small but frankly beautiful crew has extensive experience in the topics and subjects of smart solutions. Our main priority is to share that experience, as we do get a pretty good kick out of it.

We try to remain as up-to-date as possible, with the latest trends and shifts in the industry. Mainly because intelligent utilities for your home do tend to have huge leaps of technological advances.

Keeping yourself updated and insightful should be your main priorities, as that’s how you get to propel in having the most technologically advanced home, from your dreams.

Help Us, Help You

We get it, these things can be very complicated even for the most competent of home-improvers among us. But the solutions for all the problems and inconveniences at your home exist right under your fingertips, with SmartHomeHood.

We value constructive criticism, and even thrive on it. It shows us that our readers care as much as we do, in bringing the best information out there. We’re loyal to our readers, and strive to be as accessible to anyone as possible.

Even if you’re not looking to upgrade your own home, but rather an estate which you’re planning to flip, you’ve come to the right place.

On top of having revolutionary and out-of-the-box ideas and solutions for your home, we also cover most solutions which are in-demand, and drastically might increase return on investment or ROI for short.

SmartHomeHood acknowledges and knows that the ROI factor might be one of the biggest ones when considering said home upgrades, so we have you covered about that as well.