How to Fix Blink Mini Can’t Connect

Did you just get a new Blink Mini camera and for some reason it’s not responding? If you aren’t able to connect your Blink Mini to the Sync module and to WiFi, there are a couple of things you can try to fix this problem.

Usually, given that your new Blink camera isn’t faulty, failure to connect is usually related to a weak WiFi signal or not having enough power. Read more to find out why your Blink Mini can’t connect and learn how to fix it.

How to Fix Blink Mini Can’t Connect?

fix blink mini can't connect

The solution to this problem usually lies in the WiFi network settings on your router and the Blink app. If that’s not the case, then improving the WiFi signal, changing the batteries on your camera, or switching your Sync model to a different outlet may help solve the problem. In any case, here are the most effective solutions when your Blink Mini can’t connect to WiFi.

Switch to the 2.4GHz Bandwidth

One of the issues that could be causing your Blink Mini to not connect is the broadcasting bandwidth for your WiFi. If you weren’t already aware, most Blink devices can’t connect to the 5 GHz bandwidth. As a result, if your router uses the 5 GHz bandwidth, switching to 2.4 GHz may solve the problem and allow your Blink Mini to come back online.  

You can switch to the 2.4GHz band by going to the admin settings for your router and simply changing it from there. If you don’t know how to do this, then contact your internet provider and they will help you sort it out quickly. 

Your Router May Be Blocking Access to the Blink Mini Camera

In some cases, your Blink camera will fail to connect to the internet if your router isn’t allowing it in the first place. This can happen when a device is attempting to join the WiFi network but your router blocks it because it is an unfamiliar device. 

Try reconnecting the Blink Mini once again and this time manually allow it to connect. It may not hold the name “Blink Mini” when it attempts to connect. In most cases, the camera will be recognized by the router using names such as “Generic Doorbell Camera”, “Generic Security Camera”, and similar.

Power Cycle Your Router and the Blink Mini

The last quick fix you can try is power cycling both your Blink Mini camera and your internet router or modem as well. This will make sure to do a quick reset of both devices and hopefully restore the connection between them. 

The power cycling process for both devices is quite similar. It involves cutting the power and letting them rest for a couple of minutes. With the Blink Mini, all you have to do is remove its batteries and place them back in after a few minutes. With your internet router, you can just plug it out from the power outlet and then plug it back in after a few minutes. Then, turn both devices back on and try to reconnect the Blink Mini camera. 

Why Can’t My Blink Mini Connect? 

In most cases, the reason why your Blink Mini can’t connect to the network has something to do with your internet router. As we mentioned, using the 5GHz network band isn’t supported for Blink devices and is a common reason for this issue. 

Another reason involves having a weak WiFi signal, network interference, and router access block. Or, it could simply be a matter of replacing the batteries on your Blink Mini camera. Simply try any of these fixes and your Blink Mini should restore the connection to the internet in minutes. 

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