Do Blink Cameras Record All the Time?

Blink cameras are some of the best wireless cameras that can be used to monitor your home. They are very versatile, run on batteries, and take up very little space. All Blink cameras also offer lots of incredible features that will make your life easier and allow you to monitor your home.

Blink cameras do not record all the time. They will not offer continuous recording for several reasons we will explain below. Given that all Blink cameras have motion sensors, they are programmed to record for various intervals of time before pausing shortly and activating the recording once more. 

Why Blink Cameras Don’t Record All The Time?

black blink camera and sync module
Blink Camera

Well, there are several reasons why Blink has decided not to let their cameras record continuously without ever taking a break unless you deactivate them yourself. Constant recording and cloud storage are available for other cameras that are bigger, more expensive, and most commonly outdoor cameras. These cameras are usually used for security and are crucial that they capture every single second.

Battery Life: Among the most important reasons Blink cameras don’t record all the time is battery life. Unlike most high-end outdoor security cameras, Blink cameras are wireless. This means that they run on batteries. Recording all the time, 24/7, will significantly shorten the battery life span and render the Blink camera useless. This way, you will have to replace the non-rechargeable Blink batteries a lot more often.

Storage: Cloud storage also presents another issue for why Blink cameras don’t record all the time. If you have a subscription with Blink, you will receive 120 minutes of stored footage. What does this mean? Well, whenever new footage is stored, your oldest footage gets overwritten and deleted. So the latest 120 minutes will be the only footage that gets stored in the cloud. 

Network Resources: Among the last issues with constant recording is the excessive requirement of network resources. This means that significantly more bandwidth will get used if your Blink cameras record all the time. As a result, the cameras are optimized to record in intervals and activate when they sense motion.


Hopefully, you were able to understand how the Blink camera recording system works. Now you know that Blink cameras do not record all the time. More importantly, you know the reasons behind this and how it helps the cameras work more smoothly and for a longer period of time. 

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