Do Smart TVs Need Wi-Fi? Find Out Here

With the increasing adoption and availability of smart devices around the world, many people are thinking about whether they should purchase a Smart TV or not. The first question that comes to mind is does a Smart TV work without an active internet connection? In this article, we will tell you the answer to this question.

A smart TV is different from a conventional one since it offers internet functionality that lets you stream movies, play games, control smart devices in your house etc. You will also require an active internet connection to download apps, updates and stream content from sites such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Smart TVs Need Wi-Fi?

So without an active internet connection, you will be able to use your Smart TV but without any of the smart functionalities. You will be able to watch cable TV using a set-up box connected to your TV without using the internet. You can also use the HDMI ports, USB ports and other connections on the TV to use your gaming console, DVD player, Blu-ray player etc to watch content without the internet.

Do note that you require an internet connection during the initial setup process of the TV and for basic tasks like activating voice assistant, software updates and for other tasks. You can connect your Smart TV to the internet with an ethernet cable or using Wi-Fi. In case you don’t have a broadband connection with Wi-Fi capabilities at your home then you can use the hotspot functionality in your smartphone to create a Wi-Fi network that can be then connected to your TV.

To conclude you will be able to use your Smart TV without the internet but will be restricted to the basic tasks like watching cable TV or using the HDMI ports or USB ports to watch media. Without an active internet connection, your TV won’t be truly “smart” because it will lose most of its functionality. Alternatively, you can check out products like Apple TV and FireTV stick to transform your existing “dumb” TV into a “smart” one.