Fix Arlo Maximum of 5 Camera Streams Are Supported Simultaneously

It can be a real pain to open live view on your Arlo security camera and get the following message: “maximum of 5 camera streams are supported simultaneously. please stop one stream before starting another camera stream”. However, you shouldn’t stress out just yet as there are a few ways you can fix the problem.

Let’s dive in and see how to fix this error and start recording once more.

How to Fix “Maximum of 5 camera streams are supported simultaneously” Error?

Fixing an issue such as this can be difficult when you don’t know the root of the problem. Because of this, it may take you a few different approaches before you finally find the perfect solution. As a result, we’ve listed the most effective possible solutions. You can try each and complete them in only a few minutes. 

Fix 1: Factory Reset the Base Station

Reset Base Station

Because this solution is so simple, many users immediately decide to skip resetting their devices thinking that it couldn’t be so simple. The first thing you should always try is to reset the Arlo base station. It’s quick, simple, and it doesn’t cost you anything at all. The best part is that there is actually a high chance that it will resolve this particular issue. 

All you have to do is remove all of the devices from the base. Factory reset it by holding the reset button. Then, you will have to resync the cameras to the base station to get it working again. This should revert it to working normally once more. 

? Tip: Remember to remove all of your devices from Settings > My Devices before resetting the base station. 

Fix 2: Power Cycle the Cameras

Another approach is to power cycle the camera itself. In other words, this means disconnecting the batteries and connecting them back again. This will perform a reset on the camera. Before you do that, you can also do a quick diagnosis of the camera by looking at the status of the LEDs.

  • LED is not turned on: This means the batteries still have enough power to run for a while
  • LED blinks blue rapidly: This means that the camera is synced with the base station successfully
  • LED blinks blue slowly: This means that you have to resync the camera to the base station again
  • LED blinks amber: This means that you should replace the batteries

These indicators should help you keep track of how the security camera is performing and whether you should resync it to the base station or replace the batteries. These issues may also be responsible for getting the error message shown above. 

Fix 3: Disconnect One Device and Add It Again

Another fix that often gets the job done is to remove only one camera from the base station. Disconnect it and the others almost instantly start working. The error message will disappear and everything goes back to normal. Shortly, reconnect the other camera and you should be good to go. 

Fix 4: Contact Arlo Support Directly and Request a Detailed Troubleshoot

If all else fails, your only chance left is to contact Arlo support and talk to a customer support representative. Ask them to take a deeper look into the issue and try to find a possible fix for your individual case. This will take longer but it’s still something you can try for free.

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