[Fix] Live View Not Working On the Ring Doorbell or Camera

The Ring doorbell and camera devices are extremely helpful tools for monitoring your home security and making your life a bit easier. Both the camera and doorbell come with lots of cool features. You can see who is at your door without opening it, you can talk to them, you can hear what they have to say, you can monitor any activity around and inside your home, and much more.

However, there are times when some users have experienced the Live View feature not working properly regarding the Ring doorbell and camera. If you are experiencing this, here are a few quick and simple steps on fixing Live View not working on your Ring doorbell or camera.

How to Fix “Live View” Not Working on the Ring Doorbell and Camera – 4 Easy Solutions

If you are experiencing problems with the Live View on your Ring devices, chances are high that there is an internet connectivity issue or some type of wiring problem. However, we can’t be really sure until we troubleshoot and diagnose the exact root of this issue.

1. Check Wi-Fi Connectivity and Signal Strength

The first thing you can do to find where the problem is coming from is to check the WiFi signal strength. This will show you a lot of valuable insights as to what could be causing Live View to not be working on your Ring doorbell or camera.

You can troubleshoot your Ring devices through the Ring app. Simply open the app, tap on your device model or name, go to Device Health settings, and check the RSSI score. If the score is lower than -40, the problem is definitely due to poor WiFi connection and signal strength. If, on the other hand, the RSSI score is way above -40, then you have to check the other solutions that are listed below.

If Live View is not working on your Ring devices because of a poor WiFi connection, then you can try moving the internet router closer to your Ring devices. You can also get a WiFi extender or a mesh system that will instantly fix this issue for you and improve signal strength significantly.

2. Check Your Internet Speed

If you’ve established that the problem is not due to a poor WiFi signal, then perhaps it’s because your internet speed is simply too slow to meet the Ring device’s requirements. Other symptoms of slow internet speed include very poor quality video, buffering, and of course, Live View not even working in the first place.

In such a case, you can also try moving your router closer to your Ring devices. Another fix would be to disconnect some of your other devices from the WiFi. This will allow more bandwidth for the Ring devices and thus speed up your internet. As a result, Live View may start working normally once more.

3. Check the Wiring

Bad wiring is one of the most common problems when it comes to the Live View feature in Ring devices. It’s essential that there aren’t any issues with your wiring if you want the device to function properly. As a result, you should check the device’s wiring yourself or hire a professional electrician to ensure that everything is okay.

? Tip: It’s advised to let a professional handle this as you may even not be aware that there is a wiring issue.

4. Contact Support

If all else fails, your last resort is to contact Ring customer support and allow their technicians to fix the issue. There’s nothing wrong with this approach but most users leave it as a last resort because it simply takes too much time. You will have to write to their support, wait for a reply back, and wait some more for them to find an appropriate solution.


Diagnosing the root of this problem is essential before you go ahead and try to fix it. If Live View is not working on your Ring doorbell or camera, try checking the possible problems we’ve listed here and applying the appropriate fix. If you have no luck with any approach, then your last bet is to contact Ring customer support.

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