[Fixed] Blink System Is Busy!

Blink cameras are elegant wireless devices that help you easily monitor your home. They are extremely easy to set up and use and offer plenty of awesome features for the price. In case you were enjoying your Blink camera running smoothly and suddenly started seeing a message saying “Blink camera is busy” on your Blink app, this is the guide that will show you how to quickly fix this issue. 

How to Fix “Blink System Is Busy” Issue?

There are several quick solutions that you can try when your Blink camera is displaying the “Blink system is busy” message. For starters, you can try replacing the batteries, troubleshooting your device, checking network connectivity issues, and similar. Let’s dive in and see which solutions will help you solve the problem.

Power Cycle Your Blink Device

One of the best ways to fix most issues with most Blink devices is to power cycle the device. This is a simple process that involves cutting all power to the device for a short period of time. All you have to do is remove the batteries from your device or cut power from the outlet and leave it be for a couple of minutes. After a few minutes have passed, reconnect the power and start your Blink device again. 

Replace the Batteries to Your Blink Device

One solution that has almost always worked for me and I recommend is to simply replace the batteries. This is a method that works like magic even if your device is new and you think that its batteries have enough power. Just keep in mind to get the right type of batteries for your Blink device, which are lithium batteries and not regular alkaline ones. 

Fix the Motion Recording Settings

blink camera motion trigger settings

Another fix includes diving into the Blink app and sorting things out from there. By fixing the motion recording settings, you are, in a way, resetting the motion trigger and allowing the camera to start working properly again. Here is how to do this:

  • Open the Blink app on your phone
  • Click on your device and go to the Retrigger Time settings section
  • Move the slider to 10 seconds and save the changes

After this, you can try restarting your Blink device and checking whether it is working properly. Chances are that it will be just fine from thereon.

Try a Factory Reset

red reset button

We will leave this as a last resort but if all else fails, trying a factory reset also has a high chance of fixing this particular problem. When doing a factory reset, you should keep in mind that this takes place with your Sync module, not the actual Blink camera. This way, you will be setting up your camera as if it was a brand new one after doing a factory reset on your Sync module. 

In order to perform a factory reset, follow these steps:

  • Delete your Sync module from the Blink app
delete blink system
  • Hold down the reset button on your Blink Sync module until you see a red LED light
  • Wait for the device to turn back on and set up your devices from scratch once more

Why Is My Blink Camera Saying It’s Busy?

There is more than one reason that could be causing your Blink devices to display a message saying “Blink system is busy”. One of the most common reasons for this error message is insufficient battery life or network interference. If replacing the battery didn’t fix the issue, then following the other solutions in this guide is a great way to increase your chances of fixing your Blink device. 

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