Furbo Dog Camera: White, Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue What They Mean?

Furbo is a smart camera that you can use to monitor your dogs when you are away from your home. It comes with useful features such as live monitoring, recording and the ability to reward your dog by dispensing treats. The interesting fact about the device is it comes with a LED light that can change its colour depending on the current status of the device.

In this guide, we will tell you what the different lights on the device actually mean.

White, Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue What they mean?

You will find the LED light on the device at the base of the camera that can display different colours depending on the current status of the device. These are the colours that it can display:

White: This is the light that you will see when you set up the device for the first time

Green: This light will appear when the device powers up and enters the setup mode. It will usually appear for less than a minute and if it appears for more then there is an issue with the device that needs to be resolved. This will happen mostly after a factory reset or during the process of setting up the face. However, you can easily resolve it by unplugging the device for ten seconds and then plugging it in again.

Purple: This light will be visible when the device is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network. You will also see it when the device fails to connect during the setup process. It can be usually resolved by reconnecting the camera to the Wi-Fi network. However, if the light is still visible then you need to do a hard reset of the device which delete all the data stored in it requiring you to go through the entire setup process again.

Yellow: This light will be visible when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network and is in standby mode.

Blue light: This is the light you will see when Furbo is active and being used for live streaming. It will also appear while recording and when you interact with the dog using the device. Your dogs will love this colour the most because it is visible to them the most and they will know that their owner is interacting with them. In case you have purchased the premium subscription called Furbo Dog Nanny then the blue light will be active most of the time.

Red: If you see a red light on your device then it means that the Furbo camera isn’t working properly. The Furbo camera does not have a red light and it means that the device has malfunctioned since the colours are not shown properly. It can appear because of two colours interfering with each other to create the red colour. The camera is equipped with a night vision feature which may appear red at times due to the infrared light. You can go to the app settings and try disabling the night vision feature.If the issue still persists then you might need to reset your device or contact the customer support of the company.

Dogs can see the yellow and the blue colour on the camera easily meaning that they know when you are interacting with them. The purple device on the camera will appear as blue to your dog. The device was designed to keep the vision of dogs in mind and due to its bright LEDs, most dogs will know when the device is active and their owner is interacting with them.

In case you wish to turn off the status LEDs on the camera for privacy reasons or other reasons then you disable it by turning on the privacy mode in the app. You can also set up a schedule so the light will be automatically turned at a particular time. This can be especially helpful if your sleep is getting disturbed at night due to the high brightness of the light or if it is affecting the routines of your dog. Do note that this feature is only available for Furbo cameras brought after August 2017 or later.