How Far Can a Ring Camera See? We Tested It Out!

When it comes to securing our homes, many people turn to smart security systems like the Ring camera. However, it’s natural to wonder about the camera’s range and capabilities. To address this question, we decided to conduct our own test and evaluate the range of the Ring camera.

In this article, we will share our experience with Ring Cameras and how far they can record.

Ring Camera Distance Recordings & Important To Know

It is very important to first know exactly what type of camera you plan on purchasing from Ring Cameras. Each security camera has its own price and specifications.

You can end up purchasing a slightly pricier security camera and it will help you record in further distances with a clearer image.

Without further ado, here are some reports that we have managed to make with Ring Cameras.

10 Meters Distance Recording

At a distance of around 10 Meters, the Ring camera provided us with a clear and sharp image of the subject. We were able to easily distinguish facial features and clothing details.

This range proved to be quite effective for capturing important details.

15 Meters Distance Recording

As we continue with our test, we moved the subject further away, reaching a distance of approximately 15 Meters.

Despite a slight decrease in image quality, we could still identify the person and observe their movements.

While facial features were less distinct, the camera was able to capture enough information for recognition.

25 Meters Distance Recording

When we increased the distance to 25 Meters, the camera faced challenges in capturing some important details.

The image became pixelated, making it difficult to recognize facial features or clothing. However, we could still identify the presence of a person, although with less clarity.

In most cases that is important to give you information that there is some sort of movement around your area that you are securing.

Recording Above 25 Meters

Beyond the 25-Meter mark, the camera’s effectiveness noticeably declined.

At around 30 Meters, the subject appeared as a blurry figure, and any attempts to identify specific features were futile. It was clear that the camera had reached its limit in terms of range.

Things To Consider When Setting Up A Ring Camera

There are quite a few things that you need to put into consideration when it comes to the Ring Cameras and how far they can record.

  1. If you plan on having your camera to record further distanced, we recommend you purchasing a higher-end security camera which is slightly pricier.
  2. Contact Ring Customer support and ask for detailed information about a security camera that you like to purchase.
  3. Plan out your area that you want to secure and see how far you are allowed to record and purchase different security cameras according to your distance.
  4. Try to put more than one security camera if the area is further away to get more information about a subject that is moving around.

Do make sure to think about purchasing cameras a few times before going off and buying them. They are pricy but well worth the penny if you want to be secured.


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