How Many Arlo Cameras Per Hub?

Thanks to the Arlo SmartHub base stations you can connect more than one camera and stream multiple videos at once. However, this number isn’t unlimited and you won’t be allowed to connect as many Arlo cameras as you want to a SmartHub base station. So, how many Arlo cameras can you connect to one hub?

Arlo SmartHubs allow users to connect up to 15 cameras at once. However, you won’t be able to stream video from all 15 cameras at the same time. Instead, Arlo SmartHubs allow you to stream only 5 cameras simultaneously. 

If you think that 5 cameras are way too little and you want to connect more, keep in mind that this only applies to the free version of the Arlo subscription plans. If you want to increase the number of cameras you can stream at the same time, you should upgrade your plan to one of the paid versions. So, the number of Arlo cameras you can connect to a hub and stream all at the same time depends on the type of subscription plan you have. 

Arlo Subscription Plans 

There are three main plans that Arlo offers to all of its users. Each plan comes with different features and offers different benefits. The more expensive the plan the better features you get and the more freedom with your cameras and hubs you receive. Here is what each Arlo subscription plan offers you in terms of streaming and connection to SmartHubs.

Free Plan

arlo free plan

For most users, the free plan is all they need to satisfy their Arlo security camera needs. The free plan gives you a maximum of 5 supported cameras that will be able to stream simultaneously. You will still be able to connect a total of 15 cameras, but you’d need to switch between cameras, as you won’t be able to stream more than 5 of them at the same time. 

Arlo Secure

arlo secure plan

The Arlo Secure plan is the second-tier paid plan and it supports an unlimited number of cameras. The hubs still support only 15 cameras, but you can utilize more hubs and still use your Arlo Secure plan to connect and stream them all at the same time. 

Arlo Secure Plus

arlo secure plus plan

Lastly, the Arlo Secure Plus plan is quite similar to the previous one in terms of supported cameras. The Arlo Secure Plus also supports unlimited Arlo cameras but it comes with a few extra features. The video resolution supported with this plan is much better than the others. It allows 4K streaming, emergency response features, and much more. 


Now you know that one Arlo SmartHub only allows 15 Arlo cameras to be connected to it. In terms of streaming, the free plan only gives you access to stream 5 cameras at the same time. Both of the paid Arlo plans unlock access to streaming an unlimited number of Arlo cameras. Simply utilize more Arlo SmartHub base stations and you can connect and stream as many cameras as you wish with the Arlo Secure and Arlo Secure Plus plans. 

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