How Many Ring Cameras Can You Have

Ring is currently one of the most popular security camera companies that offers lots of value for their customers. The company started as a Shark Tank project and later became another worthy asset to Amazon. Ring includes three plans that offer different features. The best part is that there is a free plan but the paid ones are extremely affordable as well.

Let’s find out what the different plans by Ring offer and what benefits you can receive.

Can You Have Multiple Ring Cameras?

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In order to have multiple Ring cameras around your home, you must purchase the Ring Protect Plus plan. Ring Protect Plus allows you to set up an unlimited number of their cameras, considering they are all under one roof.

Here is what each plan by Ring offers:

Free Plan

Even though free is always great, you won’t get any coverage or cloud storage with the Ring Free plan. In addition, you can’t download or review the recorded footage. You can only view what the camera is recording live. This renders the free plan is useless in most cases. The only thing you do get with the free plan is a 1-year warranty, ring and motion alerts, and custom motion detection.

Ring Protect Basic

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In terms of coverage, the Protect Basic plan offers one Ring Doorbell and one security camera. So, with the Ring Protect Basic plan, you can only have one Ring camera to use. In addition, this plan is a lot better than the Free plan given that you get access to 60-day cloud storage, you can review, download, and share the recordings, you can interact with visitors remotely, and get access to Person Only mode.

Ring Protect Plus

The Ring Protect Plus plan is where customers get the most benefits. Best of all, it costs only $10 per month with an option to pay $100 annually, saving $20 in the process every year.

With the Ring Protect Plus plan, you get access to every single feature they offer. This includes all of the previously mentioned above, including an extended warranty, an unlimited number of cameras, cellular backup, professional monitoring, 10% off various Ring products, and more.

? Tip: Every camera that you get under the Ring Protect Plus plan must be in one home. If you want to move several cameras to a different location, you must purchase another Ring Protect Plus plan.

Do You Need a Subscription for Each Ring Camera?

You don’t need a separate subscription for each camera considering that you purchase the Ring Protect Plus plan. However, we mentioned that you can have unlimited Ring cameras with the Plus plan only if they are all at the same location. If you do decide to get one or several cameras for different locations, then you will need a separate subscription for each location, not each camera.


Hopefully, we were able to clarify how the several different Ring subscription plans work and what you get with each. Now you know that the Free plan offers no coverage, the Basic Plan offers one Ring camera and one Ring doorbell at the same location. The Ring Protect Plus plan, on the other hand, offers as many Ring devices as you wish all at the same location.

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