How Many Ring Cameras On One Account

Having one, two, or multiple Ring cameras in your home can be one of the best investments you can make. Ring cameras are compact, versatile, easy to use, and affordable in most cases. It’s definitely worth having a few to monitor your home and keep your property safe. Even though Ring is a simple brand owned by Amazon, there is one question that remains unanswered. How many ring cameras can you have on one account?

Technically, you can have an unlimited number of Ring cameras on your account. However, you can’t use unlimited cameras at one location unless you’re subscribed to the Ring Protect Plus plan. The other Ring plans either support only one camera per location or only a few. The Protect Plus plan, however, will grant you the ability to connect unlimited Ring cameras to one account at a single location. 

Number of Ring Cameras On One Account Based on Ring Plans

The ability to connect multiple cameras on one account and still use them all depends on which plan you are subscribed to. Even though you can connect unlimited Ring cameras on one account in theory, you still won’t be able to use them all. This is because Ring prevents you from syncing multiple cameras unless you subscribe to a higher plan. By doing so, you unlock many more features and access to more cameras.

Ring Protect Basic

ring protect basic plan

The cheapest plan that Ring offers, aside from the Free version, is the Ring Protect Basic Plan. You can use their free plan but that provides no coverage and no useful features. The Ring Protect Basic plan allows you to use 1 Ring camera at one location.

This is why connecting even 100 Ring cameras to your account on a Ring Protect Basic plan won’t be worth it. Why do that when you can still only use just one with that subscription? Aside from that, this plan only costs $3 per month or $30 per year, so it’s affordable and worth it if you don’t need more than one camera in your home.

Ring Protect Plus

ring protect plus plan

With the Ring Protect Plus, the camera limit per one account is lifted and you are allowed to connect unlimited cameras. The difference here is that all of these cameras will be usable at a single location, unlike with the Protect Basic Plan. This is why this plan is almost always more worth it if you plan on having multiple cameras at a single location. The Ring Protect Plus plan costs $10 per month or $100 annually. It’s a must-have if you want to connect and use as many Ring cameras as you want.


Now you’ve learned that you can always connect as many cameras to your Ring account as you want. However, you can’t always use them at one location unless you’re subscribed to the right Ring Plan. As a result, pick your subscription plan based on your needs and enjoy the amazing features that Ring offers. 

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