How To Change Batteries in Kwikset Smart Lock

Installing a smart lock can be a great way to secure your property from potential intruders however in there can be situations where the batteries inside your smart lock get depleted. In this guide, we will tell you how to replace the batteries inside your Kwikset smart lock.

The entire process of replacing batteries inside your Kwikset smart lock is very easy and simple if you follow the instructions carefully. Most smart locks will warn you in advance about low batteries so you can avoid embarrassing situations when you get locked out of your own house. A red light will appear on your smart lock indicating a low battery percentage inside.

Change Batteries in Kwikset Smart Lock

To change the batteries inside your Kwikset smart lock, follow these steps:

1. Remove the cover on top of your door lock by sliding it upwards. You will now be able to access the battery cartridge located inside. If your door cover is not sliding up then you might need to remove the screws that are keeping it fixed in that place.

2. Find the battery cartridge inside your door lock and pull it out.

3. Remove the old  AA batteries and replace them with new ones.

4. Install the battery cartridge back into the lock and remember to put the side with “DOOR” written on it facing towards the door.After that put the door cover back on your smart lock and install the screws if you removed any.

5. Test the door by unlocking it and the low battery warning will now be gone. If the door unlocks successfully then your new battery is working correctly.

The Kwikset door lock uses non-rechargeable alkaline AA batteries. If your door doesn’t unlock even after replacing it with 4 AA batteries then you might need to try 9V alkaline batteries. These new batteries will usually last around 10 to 12 months if you unlock a door at least 10 times daily. Even if you replace your batteries, you will need to use the same key.

That’s it, use this guide to replace the batteries inside the Kwikset Smart Lock.Watch out for the red indicator on your smart lock to replace the batteries beforehand.