How to Disassemble Furbo Pet Camera Feeder

The Furbo pet camera feeder is a camera especially designed to interact with your dogs. There can be some situations where you might need to take the camera apart in case it gets damaged or to clean it. In this guide, we will show you how to disassemble the Furbo pet camera feeder.

How to Disassemble Furbo Pet Camera Feeder

Do note that you will need a good screwdriver kit before you proceed to take the whole thing apart. To disassemble the camera, just follow these steps:

1. Place the camera upside down and take out the two screws covering the black panel at the bottom.

2. Remove the three rubber feet covering the additional screws. There are two rubber feet at the top and one at the bottom.

3. After you remove all the screws, revert the camera to its original standing position and take the white section apart by pulling the clips holding it together at the top. Take the help of a pry tool if you find it difficult to dissect it manually.

4. Take the tool and use it to pry the outer section into two parts from the middle. After you reach the bottom of the camera, pry the tool around the circular edges.

5. Repeat the entire process to take apart another side of the camera using the pry tool.Once you do so, the outer white covering of the camera will pop open and you will be able to access its inside.

That’s it, follow these steps to disassemble the Furbo Pet camera feeder. The entire process is simple and easy but you need to be careful not to apply too much force as it might break your camera.