How to Find Which Ring Doorbell You Have

The design and appearance of most Ring Video Doorbells are quite similar. This makes it difficult to tell them apart due to the lack of any distinguishable outside features. The basic design concept of most Ring doorbells includes a rectangle shape with two circles in the middle. One circle is the camera lens and the other is the Ring button. That’s basically it. 

So, how can you tell the difference between Ring video doorbells? It’s actually quite simple. All you need is your Ring device and the Ring app installed on your smartphone. Follow the steps below and you can know which Ring doorbell you have in an instant. 

How to Find Out Which Ring Doorbell You Have

The process is quite simple. All you have to do is open the Ring app and find the name and model of your device in the settings. Don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly how to do this so that you don’t waste any time trying to find it yourself.

Here’s what you have to do to find out which Ring doorbell you have:

  • Open the Ring app on your phone
  • Click on Settings (the three lines at the top left corner of the screen)
  • Tap on Devices
  • Tap on the image of the Ring doorbell that you want to learn more about
  • Then, tap on Device Health
  • Scroll down to Device Details
  • There, you will find the name and model of your Ring doorbell under the Product Name section

By following these steps, you now know how to find out more information about each of your Ring devices. This process isn’t exclusive just to Ring doorbells, as you can use it to find out the types of Ring cameras you have, and more. In addition, there’s more information about your Ring devices in the sections below and above the Product Name section.

Finding out what type of Ring doorbell you have is important for several reasons. The most common reason for knowing this is to get replacement parts. As a result, knowing the exact name and model of your device is crucial. Otherwise, you may purchase the wrong parts and cause even more headaches. 


Follow the steps I showed you above to learn which Ring doorbell you currently have. In addition, follow the same steps to find out everything about all of your Ring devices. The Ring app holds all the crucial information about your Ring doorbells and cameras.

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