How To Fix Indoor Chime for Google Nest Hello Doorbell

Google’s Nest Doorbells are some of the best smart doorbells currently out there. Adding a chime to it definitely helps improve a lot of features and benefits. However, it can sometimes come as a headache when something isn’t working regarding your chime and Google Nest devices. If you are experiencing any problems and want to learn how to fix your indoor chime for Google Nest Hello doorbells, you can find out how here. 

Some of the most common issues with indoor chimes for Nest doorbells include the device not working at all, having a weak signal, or sounding very weak. Try any of these solutions to fix your indoor chime for Google Nest Hello doorbells. 

How to Fix Indoor Chime | Google Nest Hello Doorbell

1. Fix It From The App Settings

One very possible reason that could be causing issues with your chime device is an issue with the settings. You can easily fix this from the Nest app once you’ve found what exactly is causing the problem. For example, you could have turned something off from the settings that is forcing the chime to stop working. Or, maybe a friend you’re sharing your devices with has turned it off or has switched up the settings. In any case, it’s worth checking out before going to another solution.

Here is how you can check the settings from the app and analyze  to see if the issue can be found here:

Solution 1

  • Open the Nest App
  • Tap on the Settings icon from the Home Screen
  • Locate the Quiet Time feature. If it is On, then tap on it and toggle the switch to set it to Off.

Solution 2

There is one more thing you can try in the Settings menu to fix the problem with your chime device. Whether this solution will work depends on the type of chime device you have. Once you’ve opened the Settings menu, find an option that says Chime Duration.

If your chime device is mechanical, then you should set this option strictly to Off. 

On the other hand, if your chime device is an electronic one, turn the Chime Duration option on but make sure it is set to a longer duration instead of a short one. 

If any of the chime settings were messed up from the app itself, these are the most common and effective solutions to fix the problem. Check both and follow these steps if you see anything out of the ordinary. If, on the other hand, the issue can’t be found here, then you can continue reading and follow the next instructions. 

2. Check the Chime Wiring

Faulty wiring is another common problem that may be causing issues with your chime. This issue, however, also depends on what type of chime you have. The solution to fixing it also varies depending on whether your chime is mechanical or electronic.

Mechanical Chime

Checking and fixing the wiring on your mechanical chime takes a different approach compared to the electronic one. First, you have to remove the cover from your mechanical chime and then press Hello’s button to make the ring sound. By doing this, you can check if the chime actually works when someone pressed the button. 

If the chime works with the cover off, chances are that the cover is pressing on some wires or is in the way. Try bending the wires to move them out of the cover’s way and check to see if everything is connected properly and that nothing has slipped out. Also, make sure that there aren’t any exposed wires. Do a thorough check and call a technician if you are still unsure what is causing the issue. 

Electronic or Digital Chime

Unlike mechanical chimes, digital ones have no moving parts inside. So, removing the cover and looking inside won’t do you any good. Instead, here’s what you have to do. 

The main thing you need to ensure is that the connector is properly installed. You can do this by checking if all the wires are in the right place and that they are still firmly attached. If anything is loose, make sure to retighten it and check if it starts working. Also, ensure that there aren’t any exposed wires that are touching each other.

Lastly, if you aren’t sure whether each wire is installed in its proper place, you can call a professional electrician to sort things out.

3. Check the Doorbell Wiring

google nest doorbell wiring

Lastly, another possible reason for your chime not working is faulty doorbell wiring. This may not be one of the most common reasons but it is definitely possible. All you can do here is to remove Hello from the backplate and pull off the base. Check to see if any wires haven’t slipped out and re-tighten all the screws holding the wires. Then, simply test the chime by pressing the ring button.

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