How to Fix Nest Hello – Can’t Connect?

The Nest Hello is a unique and elegant smart video doorbell that lets you know who is at your door. With the Nest Hello, you will get notified when someone is at your doorstep. It’s a device by Google and is one of the best smart video doorbells ever. However, like many devices out there, there may be times when the Nest Hello runs into problems. If your Nest Hello can’t connect for some reason, you can find out how to fix it by reading more below. 

Fixing Nest Hello Can’t Connect – 3 Easy Solutions

Devices that require an internet connection are bound to stumble upon connection problems at some point. However, this shouldn’t worry you as they are easy to fix most of the time. If your Nest Hello device can’t connect for some reason, you can easily fix it by following the steps below.

But first, how do you know if your Nest Hello is having connection issues?

The most common problem that you may experience is opening the Nest app and getting a message that the Nest Hello can’t connect. Or, you may also see that it says that the device is connecting but it never actually connects. It just keeps loading forever and ever. In such cases, here is how to fix this connection issue with the Nest Hello device.

Reinstall the Nest App on Your Phone

The first thing you may want to try and see if it quickly fixes the connection issue with your Nest Hello is reinstalling the app. This will make sure to remove the connected device to the app and in a way reset it. Then, you will install the Nest Hello all over again and connect it with your phone. This way, the issue may be solved and your Nest Hello will start working smoothly again. 

Check Your WiFi Signal

check wifi signal

Try checking if the Nest Hello Can’t Connect message only shows when you’re in certain parts of your home. Maybe there are WiFi dead zones in your home, or maybe the signal just gets very weak at some parts of your house. 

If the device starts working again at a random point in your home, then try relocating your WiFi router. The closer your router is to your Nest Hello device the better the connection will be. As a result, this will solve the connection issue and will restore the device to its optimal performance. 

Reset the Nest Hello and WiFi Router

back side of wifi router

At the end of the day, the easiest thing you can do is resetting both the Nest Hello and your router. People usually tend to skip this step because they think it’s too easy to work. However, those reset buttons aren’t for nothing. Resetting a device is one of the best ways to restore connection, regardless of whether it’s to WiFi, Bluetooth, or anything else. 

Reset the WiFi router first so that there is an active WiFi signal after you reset the Nest Hello. This will make sure that it’s ready to be connected to the internet immediately after it turns back on. 

You can reset the Nest Hello by using a small pin and sticking it in the small reset hole. Don’t disconnect or turn off the device while doing this. Even though it says that it’s still connecting on the app, don’t cancel the connection process and just reset it on the spot. 

Why Can’t My Nest Hello Connect?

The reason Nest Hello devices experience connection issues is usually due to WiFi problems. As we mentioned, there may be dead zones in your house. This means that some spots just don’t receive any WiFi signal due to thick walls or any appliances blocking the signal. In addition, if the internet from your provider is simply too slow or has a weak signal it won’t allow the Nest Hello to function properly. Thus, it will show the Nest Hello Can’t Connect message. 

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