How to fix Ring Doorbell Streaming Error (Easy Steps)

The Ring Doorbell is one of the handiest tools to quickly see who’s at your door. On top of that, it also allows you to speak with whoever is there, and hear what they have to say without opening the door. So, if you’re having issues with the Ring Doorbell streaming error, it’s definitely worth learning how to fix it. That’s something we will show you how to do below.

Why Does My Ring Doorbell Say Streaming Error?

There are a few possible reasons for the “streaming error” issue regarding the Ring Doorbell device. Some of the most common include network connection issues, device RSSI, slow WiFi, VPN interference, dead zone, or cluttered location. Let’s explain what all of these mean and how you can diagnose what the issue is.

Device RSSI

Before checking some of the other solutions, the easiest and quickest thing you can do is check the Device RSSI. You can do this by opening the Ring app and finding the RSSI in the “Device Health” settings.

Ring Dorbell Device Health

If your Ring Doorbell RSSI is -40 or worse chances are high that there is some type of issue between the doorbell and your WiFi router. Try this diagnostic first before continuing with the rest. This is the easiest way to discover what the problem is. If there aren’t any issues with the Device RSSI then you can continue with the other solutions below.

Slow WiFi

This one should speak for itself. All devices that require WiFi will underperform if the WiFi speed is very slow. Slow WiFi means your device will lag, disconnect all the time, run very slowly, and not transfer enough data on time. This almost always leads to all sorts of issues such as the “streaming error” that your Ring Doorbell is displaying.


Another thing that can significantly slow down your connection between the Ring Doorbell and your router is a VPN. This can interfere with the connection and cause similar problems to having slow WiFi. So, if you have a VPN connected to your phone, you may get the error message when you try to turn on Live View.

Ring Server Updates and Maintenance

One common reason for the “streaming error” message with the Ring Doorbell is Ring server maintenance. The problem occurs whenever Ring is updating servers or fixing any bugs that require the servers to be down.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about this one. All you can do is wait for the problem to be fixed and for the servers to be back online again. Luckily, this doesn’t happen extremely often and doesn’t take a lot of time to fix. However, if you are experiencing the Ring Doorbell “Streaming Error” message constantly and for a long time, chances are that this is not the issue in your case.

How Do I Fix Ring Doorbell Streaming Error?

Now that you’ve found out the reason behind the “streaming error” message with your Ring Doorbell, you can finally fix the issue. You can try any of these simple solutions and check if the Doorbell goes back to normal.

1. Fix Your Internet Connection

The Ring Doorbell device requires a strong and constant internet connection to function properly. It doesn’t have to be an extremely high-speed internet connection. It just has to be stable and consistent so that it doesn’t lose connection with the doorbell often.

Ring Dorbell Status Offline in Device Health

A few ways you could fix your internet connection include the following:

  • Move your WiFi router closer to the Ring Doorbell
  • Disconnect any devices from WiFi that you aren’t currently using
  • Troubleshoot your network settings to ensure there aren’t any serious issues

2. Clear Ring Application Cache

A common problem with most apps not working or showing weird errors is a full data cache. This can take up a lot of memory, slow down performance, and show various errors in severe cases. You can clear your Ring app cache by going to Settings > Apps > Ring > Storage > and “Clear Cache”.

In addition, you can then go to the app store and check if there are any updates for the Ring app. Install them and enter the app again to see if the error has cleared. If all else fails, then try reinstalling the Ring app.

3. Insert a Backup Internal Battery in the Ring Doorbell

Lastly, if you are experiencing power outages, voltage fluctuations, or similar electrical problems on a regular basis, installing an internal battery is a great way to fix this problem. This will act as a backup power source and won’t disconnect the device every time it happens. As a result, it won’t affect the Doorbell’s performance and will most likely solve the “streaming error” message problem.


Hopefully, these tips were able to help you learn how to fix the Ring Doorbell streaming error. Try to diagnose the root of the problem first and then apply the appropriate solution.

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