How to Fix Ring Floodlight Flashing

Is your Ring Floodlight Cam experiencing unusual behavior such as lights flashing? Technology can often play tricks on us but luckily there is always a fix for everything. The Floodlight Cam flashing problem can easily be fixed after diagnosing what the cause is. According to past experiences with this issue, there are several factors that can cause such behavior with the Floodlight Cam.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into what could be causing the Ring Floodlight Cam to be flashing. After you’ve found the root of the problem, you can apply the solutions we will explain here.

Why Is My Ring Floodlight Cam Flashing?

Issue with Ring Floodlight Flashing

Let’s be honest, seeing lights constantly flash, flicker, and strobe outside of your house can be pretty annoying. If not for you, this will definitely provoke a few angry neighbors, to say the least. It’s important that you fix this issue as soon as possible. Here are a few reasons that could cause your Ring Floodlight to flash nonstop.

Check Your House Power Connection

It’s not uncommon to have bad wiring in your home. It’s the root of most problems but it is usually undetected at first. Problems with the power in your home can be a rather huge topic to cover. There could be many reasons behind this. It could be fluctuations in voltage due to different types of appliances. It could be high watt surges, loose connections with the light fixture, and more.

If you aren’t sure how to locate the problem yourself, then consulting with an electrician is always a good idea. It’s also much safer hiring a professional if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Check Your Motion Sensitivity Controls in the Ring App

This solution usually applies if you see your Floodlight Cam flashing immediately after you first install it. After installation, you have to adjust the settings in the app for optimal performance. You must make sure that you haven’t set the motion sensitivity controls for your Floodlight Cam too high. If this happens, it could turn on constantly thinking that something is moving.

It’s important that you adjust the settings to be neither too low nor too high. Find the perfect balance and your Floodlight Cam should go back to working normally.

Outside Temperature Also Affects the Ring Floodlight Cam

Another possible reason for your Floodlight Cam flashing is a non-optimal temperature. If you aren’t aware, the optimal operating temperature range for the Ring Floodlight Cam is between -22°F and 120°F (-30°C to 48.5°C).

Even though this is a relatively decent temperature range, there are areas where the weather conditions get even more extreme. In such cases, there’s nothing you can do about it except waiting for the temperature to get back to normal. Luckily, this doesn’t happen too often and shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

How to Fix Ring Floodlight Cam Flashing?

As we mentioned, it’s important that you discover the root of the problem before knowing which approach to take. Given that there are a few different reasons behind the Ring Floodlight Cam flashing, it can be tricky to pinpoint the exact problem.

1. Bad Wiring

If you discover that you have bad wiring, you should ask for professional help. An electrician will fix this quickly and you won’t have to risk being shocked and even more serious injuries.

2. High Motion Sensitivity

If you learn that the reason is high motion sensitivity from the Ring app, then this is easiest to solve. Simply adjust the motion controls to optimal range. If you don’t know what you’re doing, just play with them until it stops flashing.

To adjust the motion sensor sensitivity for your Ring Floodlight camera, follow these steps:

  • Open the Ring App
  • Click on the FloodLight Cam model
  • Choose on “Light Settings”
  • Click on “Motion Zones for Lights”
  • Choose which sensor you want to toggle by clicking on the blue areas
  • Set the slider to your desired point (preferably at the middle)

There are plenty more features you can play around with in this settings menu. You can adjust the other settings based on your personal preference.

3. Extreme Temperatures

If the problem is the temperature, then there’s nothing you can do about this except waiting or trying to somehow cool down or heat up the Floodlight cam based on what’s needed. We don’t advise this as it’s best to wait for the weather to normalize.

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