How To Fix Wyze Error Code 90 – Here’s How To Fix It

So, you have opened your Wyze app to look at your camera but you get an annoying message that says: Please try to power cycle the camera (error code: -90) / Device is offline. This can be a frustrating thing, because you need the camera at the moment.

In this article we are going to help you out on how to fix Wyze error code 90. So, if you want to learn more follow along.

Wyze Error Code 90 – How To Fix

The biggest reason why this error pops up is because of poor internet connection. You need to have a stable internet connection in order for the camera to work properly. The Wyze camera should not lose the connection.

Loss of connection may be caused by a bad ISP provider or weak router. You should look at these two things and make sure that everything is working properly, make sure that you have good internet speed and a stable Wi-Fi connection. If not, the camera will continue to continue to make Wyze error code 90.

There are some rare cases when this error is caused by a bad micro-SD card but these cases are very rare. In this article, we are going to cover the most common solutions for this problem.

1. Make sure that your camera is connected

Wyze – Camera Connected

This is the first and most important step. You need to be sure that you have attached the cable that comes with the camera. Give it a little wobble. If it’s loose, then reattach the cable.

You need a strong connection if you want to run a camera. If this doesn’t solve your problem and the cable is connected properly then go to step 2.

2. Make sure that you have internet

One of the most probable reasons why this Wyze error code 90 appears is because of poor internet connection. If you have an ISP provider that is not stable, it is a good time to make a change, because if you run the camera like this, your camera will always lose connection.

If you are using a Wi-Fi router, make sure that the router is near the camera. Especially if it’s a router that makes a weak signal.

If the camera is far away and you have connection issues, bring your camera closer to the router to make sure that the connection is good.

If the problem still persists it is a good idea to reset your router. You can do this by disconnecting and reconnecting it from its power source. If this solves your problem great, if not, you can go to the next step.

*Another small tip is that on the back of the camera you have LED indicators that show you the state of the device. If everything is ok, the light should be solid blue or it should flash blue light. If the light is blue or it flashes blue then you are able to watch the camera live by using its native Wyze app.

3. Make sure that your Wi-Fi Router works properly

The Wyze camera needs to have a stable internet connection, in other cases it will throw some error messages like the Wyze error code 90.

We went deep into troubleshooting and we discovered the most common problems that routers have with this camera.

Make sure that the signal is strong

Check the signal with your phone from the place where the camera is located. You can test this with the Ookla speed test app. If the connection is good, you are good to go, if not it is the best idea to get your router closer to the camera. By getting it closer the signal will improve and also the camera will work better as well.

Make sure that there are no obstacles in the signal

Obstacles may also ruin your signal. These obstacles can be different objects in your house. Also, the walls kill a lot of the signal. Make sure that there is no wall interference. If you want to learn more about this you can look online and search on how these Wi-Fi networks work in order to deliver the best signal.

Make sure your firewall isn’t blocking you

Make sure that your router firewall isn’t blocking you. Check your firewall settings and see if your firewall blocks the Wyze camera. If you cannot solve this issue then it is a good idea to check at your ISP provider and tell them that you have a problem.

Interference in the Wi-Fi signal

The Wyze camera works with a 2.4 GHz signal. This signal is prone to interference. So, if you have a lot of Wi-Fi signals around the camera it can cause errors to appear when it communicates with the internet.

You can fix this by relocating your router to a different spot that is less prone to interference. You can also try to change the wireless channel settings on your router. By changing them from auto to manual will probably fix the issue. It is said by Wyze users that 1,6, and 11 are the most optimal.

You can also test them one by one and see which one is the best for your case. This will help because if the router is turned on auto, it usually jumps the channels all the time, and this can cause some signal interference.

4. Get another router

If your router delivers a poor signal, you may consider getting a proper replacement. When you are running cameras, you need a stable connection that can pass a lot of memory. Get a new more powerful router with big antennas if you want to get the most out of your camera and after you install one of these routers. You will never going to have an issue with your connection.

5. Check your phone connection

Make sure that the internet on your phone is also doing its work properly. Sometimes the phone may also cause a loss of signal. Getting the right signal will make sure that everything runs smoothly. Also, it can be good if you are able to get a 5G connection. 5G has ultra-fast speed that will guarantee that the connection will never be interrupted. 4G will do the job as well.

6. Reboot the camera

This is also a good idea to consider if you have the Wyze error code 90. Turn the camera off and wait for a few moments. Then plug it back on. Once it’s plugged in it should work properly again.

7. Try removing the SD card from the camera

In many cases, this Wyze error code 90 is also caused by a bad SD card or a card that was not inserted properly in the camera. If you make sure that your car is corrupted then it is a good idea to get a new one. When buying SD cards, it is the best idea to get one from a quality brand. This will guarantee that the card will not go bad and cause errors.

8. Reinstall your Wyze phone app

Although may sound stupid, sometimes apps know to crash and get corrupted. This will cause the app not to function and throw an error at you. You can also try connecting the camera to another phone as well.

9.Update the camera

Camera updates are also important. If Wyze has released new firmware and your camera doesn’t have it, it may stop working. So, make sure that you have the latest updates. To check this, you need to go on Update firmware that is under the Device Details page. Also, make sure that you update your phone up as well.

10. Message the Wyze support

If nothing from the mentioned above works for you, then it’s the best idea to message the Wyze support. Maybe your camera is just broken and needs replacement. Their team will give you first-hand instruction on what you should do next.

Our final thoughts

This problem with the Wyze error code 90 knows to be annoying and causes major headaches to people that have a Wyze camera, but the problem usually lies in the bad internet connection. Make sure that you have a good connection all the time and everything should be good.

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