How to Remove Security Screws on a Ring Doorbell

If you’re a new Ring Doorbell owner you’ve probably noticed that there is a security screw on the bottom cover of the device. The security screws on Ring doorbells are there to ensure your device doesn’t get stolen. This screw can’t be removed by any standard screwdriver and requires a special tool that comes with the doorbell to be unscrewed.

Remove Security Screws on a Ring Doorbell – Step-by-Step

Before you go ahead and start removing the screws on your Ring doorbell, first you will have to gather the appropriate tools. In this case, all you’ll need is the provided screwdriver that comes alongside the Ring doorbell upon purchase. The security screws that can be found on the Ring doorbell are T6 screws.

? Tip: You can also use a T6 Torx-head screwdriver to remove the security screws on your Ring doorbell if you lost the included screwdriver with the set.

Now, the first step after getting your screwdriver is to insert the tip of the screwdriver into the screw and start turning counterclockwise. When the screw comes off, simply push the cover forwards and it will snap out of place. To install the cover back into place, simply snap it in place, position the security screw in its hole, and start turning clockwise until you’ve tightened the screw enough.

What To Do If Ring Doorbell Security Screw Gets Stuck?

In case you have an older Ring doorbell device or there are some other reasons that have stripped or dulled the security screws, you won’t be able to remove them as easily. When that happens, even the special screwdriver that comes with the device won’t be able to help you. However, there’s no need to panic as this can also be taken care of.

If the security screws on your Ring doorbell are stripped, you must contact Ring support to offer replacement screws and help you remove the old ones. Brand new Ring security screws are difficult to remove without the special screwdriver, let alone having to remove them while being damaged or stripped.


The security screws on the Ring doorbell are called that for a reason. It’s almost impossible to remove them without the right kind of tool, making your device safe from robbers and other dangers. Now you know how to protect your Ring doorbell and quickly remove and reinstall the security screws when needed.

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