How To Replace a Cell Module on The Original SimpliSafe

The SimpliSafe Gen 1 is a powerful security system that can be used to protect your property from any potential intruders. However since the original SimpliSafe has become very old now, you might face issues with its 2G cellular module. In this guide, we will tell you how to replace the cellular module in the original SimpliSafe

How To Replace a Cell Module on The Original SimpliSafe

1. Unplug the power cable from the base station to ensure that it is disarmed

2. Remove the screws covering the battery compartment at the bottom of the base station.

3. Remove one battery from the battery compartment. This will ensure that there is no power going to the base station

4. Now rotate the cone of the base station counterclockwise and then lift it off

5. You will now be able to see the L shaped cellular module inside the base station. Remove the three screws that attach the module to the base station

6. Gently pull the module out of its slot and unplug the connector from the module. Do not pull it by the board as it can damage the connector

7. Now it’s time to install the new upgraded 4G cellular module. Start by plugging the connector from the base station into the outlet on the new module.

8. Insert the new module back into the base station. In case the connecting wire is causing any obstructions then move it out of the way. You can reinsert it after the module is screwed back into place.

9. Now align the new module and its three screws and tighten them into their place.

10. Slide the cone back over the base station by aligning it properly and pulling the USB protector through the hole at the top of the cone. Now rotate the cone until it snaps into its place.

11. Insert the battery back into the battery compartment and then tighten the screw covering it

12. Plug the power cable into your base station and your system should now connect to the 4G network in 1-2 minutes.

That’s it, you have now successfully replaced the cellular module in the original SimpliSafe security system!