How to Reset Blink Mini Camera (Step by Step)

Blink Mini cameras are some of the best indoor cameras that feature night vision, HD resolution, and two-way talk features. They are high-quality cameras that take up very little space and are extremely easy to set up.

When you’re trying to re-sell or move the Blink camera, you may want to reset its settings to default. This will delete all of the adjustments you’ve made over time and will restore it as if it was brand new.

How Do I Reset My Blink Mini Camera — Step-by-Step

Resetting a Blink Mini camera essentially means that you will have to delete it from the Sync module. This will remove all stored settings and will restore everything to its default factory version. Here’s how to do it step-by-step:

Step 1: Open the Blink camera app and go to “Settings

Step 2: Click on the camera you wish to reset

Step 3: Scroll to the very bottom of this menu

Step 4: Click on “Delete Camera” and confirm

Blink Mini Camera – Delete Camera

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What Does the Physical Reset Button Do on a Blink Mini Camera?

In order to reset a Blink Mini camera to its default settings, you must do this through the app. It’s the only way that allows you to completely reset all settings and adjustments.

Note: Even though there is a reset button on the Blink Mini itself, it does not completely reset the device.

The reset button on the Blink Mini cameras does not reset them. It serves another purpose compared to what most of us thought. The reset button on Blink cameras reinitializes network settings.

What does this mean?

Whenever there are changes in the WiFi network, interruptions, or any other issues, this button will help restore the network connection. It is, in one way, a reset but it only applies to network settings.

Will a Power Cycle Reset Blink Mini Cameras?

Power Cycling will do a similar task to what the physical reset button does to your Blink Camera. However, power cycling is to be used in case you’re having trouble with your Sync module and not the camera itself. In addition to power cycling the camera, you should first power cycle the Sync model and, in some cases, the internet modem as well.

To power cycle each of these devices, all you have to do is either turn them off or remove the batteries. Once you’ve done this, leave the device like that for a few minutes. Then, turn the power back on and wait for the device to start. This time, everything should be functioning properly.


After doing this, the Blink Mini camera will be reset and will retain no information of the previous settings. It’s ready for another user, location, or a different Sync module. Knowing these different methods for how to reset your Blink Mini camera is important. You can solve most problems including network connection issues, lags, glitches, errors, freezes, and more. Simply follow these straightforward steps and you will be just fine.

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