How to Reset Ring Doorbell

If your Ring Doorbell is having connection issues or similar problems, you can always fix it by performing a simple reset. A reset button is one of the best features any tech device has to quickly solve any issues that can occur. If you want to learn how to reset a Ring Doorbell simply follow my advice here and stick to the simple steps. It takes only a few minutes to reset your Ring Doorbell and it should fix almost all issues that it is displaying. 

💡 Tip: This method for resetting your Ring Doorbell works for the Ring Pro, Ring Pro 2, Ring 2, Ring 3, and the Ring Wired models.

Reset Your Ring Doorbell – Step-by-Step

Before you can reset your Ring Doorbell, you will need to make sure you have the right tools. You’re going to need the screwdriver that comes with all Ring Doorbells when you purchase them. However, if you’ve inherited the Ring Doorbell or you lost the screwdriver, you can still use a T15 Torx driver bit. Simply type that in on Amazon or ask for it at a local home depot. 

Now that you have all of that taken care of, let’s dive into the rest process and list all the necessary steps you’re going to go through. The first you will want to do is remove the front plate of the doorbell. 

Step 1: Unscrew the screw at the bottom of the Ring Doorbell

unscrew ring doorbell cover

Step 2: Carefully remove the plat covering the Ring Doorbell

Step 3: Locate the “reset” button usually on the sides or the back of the doorbell

press ring doorbell reset button

Step 4: Hold the button for 15 seconds until the ring button starts flashing

Step 5: Wait for the device to reset. It will stop flashing when it’s done and will go into setup mode

Now your Ring Doorbell has been officially factory reset. Once it is in setup mode, you can simply connect it to the Ring app and the WiFi. Simply follow the steps to connect and set it up the same as you did the first time.

💡 Tip: Keep in mind that you must have the Ring Doorbell powered on and connected to power while doing this. Otherwise, the rest won’t work.

When Should You Reset Your Ring Doorbell

Even though resetting your Ring Doorbell is a harmless process that simply sets it back to its default settings, you shouldn’t go ahead and reset it every single day. On the other hand, you shouldn’t hesitate to perform a reset if one of the following errors occur with any of your Ring Doorbells and other devices:

  • Failure to connect to WiFi
  • If you’ve made changes in router and home network settings
  • Error messages on the app
  • If you’re selling or giving the Ring device away


Hopefully, this article was able to help you learn how to reset your Ring Doorbell. Remember, this works with Ring 2, Ring 3, Ring Pro, Ring Pro 2, and Ring Wired. Other devices may require resets from the app itself or will feature a reset button without having to remove the cover plate.