How To Share Arlo Camera?

The Friends feature that comes with Arlo cameras allows you to give other users access to your Arlo devices. You can share all of the settings, controls, and other features with other people and give them unlimited access to your Arlo cameras. Let’s find out how to share Arlo cameras and let any person of your choice see what you are seeing.

Add a Friend to Your Arlo Account – Step-by-Step

person tapping on share button

When you share your Arlo devices, you are basically adding someone to your Arlo account on your smartphone. By doing so, the other user you give access to can open the app from their phone and access the camera. However, you can set how many features they get access to. You can restrict some features or give them unlimited access to every single setting, preference, and control option there is. 

  1. Login to your account on or open the Arlo app from your phone
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Go to the Account section and click on Grant Access
  4. Tap on Add
  5. Type in the name and email of the person you are sharing your Arlo device with
  6. Choose which rights to give your friend by moving the access sliders 
  7. Tap on Send Invite

After you’ve completed this process, your friend will receive an email asking them to accept the invitation. Until they accept, the status on the Arlo app will show Pending. Once they accept the invitation, you will see this change from Pending to Accepted. After that, this person can finally have access to the Arlo camera you’ve chosen and they can use all the features that you’ve allowed them.

What Features Can Shared Arlo Accounts Access?

The list of features and privileges the friends you’ve shared your Arlo account with will get is quite big. You are the one who decides which features they get access to and which they simply can’t touch. You can choose to give them unlimited access, meaning they can use every single feature that you can, excluding admin rights. But, you can also choose to limit their access to certain features based on your personal preferences. 

You can choose to give your friends Arlo access rights. This means they will get access to many more features, including recording video footage, access and change device modes, take snapshots, mute the speaker, share, download, and delete video footage, use the microphone, and much more. 

On the other hand, you can also prevent access rights to the person you’ve shared your Arlo account with. In such a case, their access is limited to only a few features. This list includes only being able to play and view video, access Live View, zoom and drag the video footage, enter Full-Screen mode, and control brightness. Other than that, they will not be able to control anything else on their end. This way, you can choose if you want to limit how much accessibility they have or just give them all-out access to everything. 

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