How to Sync Your Arlo Camera?

If you’re new to Arlo cameras and want to learn how to quickly set up one or more cameras, this guide will show you how to sync your Arlo cameras to the hub in a few simple steps. Arlo SmartHub base stations allow you to connect and sync multiple Arlo cameras, and the process for syncing each is the same. 

Before you can sync the Arlo camera with the Hub, you must first make sure that your Hub base station is set up and ready for connecting. This includes setting up your Arlo Hub inside the Arlo app and making sure it is connected to the internet and everything is ready for the syncing process. Once that’s done, syncing your Arlo cameras is a straightforward and quick process. 

How to Sync Your Arlo Camera to the Hub?

Before syncing the Arlo cameras, make sure you do these important preparations. Ensure that your Arlo camera has full batteries and it is in working condition. Turn on the Hub and the camera and position them no more than 3 feet apart before starting the syncing process. 

  • Press the big Sync button on the top of the Arlo Hub base station for 2 seconds
  • Once the Sync LED on the Hub starts blinking, click on the Sync button on top of your Arlo camera. A blue LED should start blinking slowly
sync arlo camera
  • Wait until the blue LED on the camera starts flashing rapidly. This is when the camera and the Hub will be synced

? Tip: Update each of your cameras after the syncing process to ensure optimal performance. Don’t turn anything off during the update and they should start working perfectly once it’s done. 

If for some reason, your Arlo cameras fail to sync to the Hub base station, you can repeat the process again and see if you did something wrong the first time. Chances are high that it will work the second time around. 

You can see if the syncing process was unsuccessful by noticing if the LED on the camera flashes amber instead of blue. The sync process shouldn’t last more than a minute after you’ve pressed the sync buttons on both the Hub and the camera. As we mentioned, don’t worry if it fails as you can simply try the process again and it should work.

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