Lutron VS Leviton: Which Smart Home System Is Best?

Both Lutron and Leviton are excellent smart home systems that offer various features and benefits for your home. They make life easier by allowing more control over your devices. Both brands are great in terms of what they can offer. However, different people require different features.

This is why we decided to compare the two and help you decide which one is the perfect brand for you. This Lutron vs Leviton comparison will help you make an easy and informed choice.

Hubs and Installation

Lutron devices depend on a central hub called a Smart Bridge in order to sync and work properly. The Smart Bridge hub helps you control the Lutron devices and sync them with each other. There is also an upgraded version of the central hub for Lutron called the Smart Bridge Pro. This device allows you to connect more devices and is compatible with the Apple HomeKit system.

Leviton has several devices that aren’t solely dependent on a central hub or base station to function. Unlike Lutron, some of the devices by Leviton can work without hubs. So, if hubs aren’t an issue for you both brands offer several amazing products that can sync with a hub and work perfectly. On the other hand, if you don’t want a central hub connecting your devices then Leviton is the winner here as it can offer a few products that work independently and come with built-in capabilities.


Lutron devices give you the option of setting various scenes and scheduling how and when your home lights turn on and off. This is an amazing feature that makes it much easier to control your lights and other devices. You can set each device to turn on and off at a specific time of day, for example, sunsets and sunrises. All you have to do is set up each device from the app and have a fully automated lighting system in your home.

Leviton also provides this feature with their devices. You can set timers for your lights, thermostat, or other devices to be turned on or off. You can also set them up so that they perform other actions instead of just turning them on and off. When it comes to scheduling and scenes, both of these brands offer exceptional features and choices.

Device Control & Connectivity

Easily controlling and connecting your smart home devices is crucial for most users. You don’t want something that will be annoying to set up or hard to control. As a result, Lutron offers an amazing feature that allows you to control all of your devices without a WiFi connection. Their devices are linked with the Smart Bridge hub via Clear Connect RF, a radio frequency that allows you to easily control your Lutron devices without an internet connection.

Leviton does offer a similar feature but it is nowhere near as convenient as Lutron. You can connect Leviton devices with either WiFi or Z Wave technology. While this means that you won’t always need WiFi to control Leviton devices, you are still more limited compared to the freedom that Lutron offers in this area. 

Collection of Products

Even though both brands offer various products in the lighting industry, they aren’t the same in terms of what they offer and how many they offer. I’m not saying that one should be better than the other for everyone. However, you should know what your options are when trying to decide which brand to go with.

Lutron is the underdog when it comes to the array of products available. They offer fewer choices compared to Leviton. In Lutron’s arsenal, you can find only switches and dimmers. This does include both in-wall devices and plug-in ones as well, which is a big plus. Other than that, you won’t find anything too special in Lutron’s product catalog.

Leviton is the clear winner when it comes to its collection of various products. The list of products is much bigger, more versatile, and has more types of devices compared to Lutron. For example, in addition to in-wall and plug-in switches and dimmers, Leviton also features amazing smart outlets and other similar products.

So, if you’re looking for a brand that has an overall bigger and more interesting range of products, you should check out Leviton. I’m not saying Lutron is bad at all, but in the case of product options, Leviton does offer a great advantage.

Customer Service

Customer service and support is usually an area that should be paid special attention to. No matter how great the products or prices are, if the customer service is bad you won’t have a great experience with any brand. Here’s what you need to know regarding customer service and support with Lutron vs Leviton.

Lutrons customer care page is a bit more optimized and features more resources than Leviton. It offers three categories where customers can find help, including a Product Selection section, FAWs & Documents, and Troubleshooting. They include plenty of resources to find your way around. But, if you need even more help, Lutron also includes a 24/7 technical support number and an email contact form for all kinds of issues with their devices.

Leviton also doesn’t lack customer support and customer care. Their support page may not be as rich as Lutron’s but Leviton does offer better warranties. In addition, Leviton includes detailed support information for many of their most popular devices. You can also find an email contact form and a support number at the bottom of Leviton’s support page as well. Both brands are well-equipped and prepared when it comes to customer service. You’ll be glad to know that whatever the issue may be, both Lutron and Leviton will take care of all their loyal customers.

Lutron Pros & Cons

Like all brands out there, there are bound to be a few pros and cons that help people decide which to choose. This isn’t Like all brands out there, there are bound to be a few pros and cons that help people decide which to choose. This isn’t the same for everyone, as it is based on personal taste, feelings, and preferences. So, when it comes to Lutron vs Leviton, here are the pros and cons that you should know about.

Works without WiFiOffers only a 1-year warrantyHas more products to choose from  Can be controlled with both WiFi and Z Wave technology
Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and Apple HomeKitIncludes fewer products to choose from than LevitonIncludes a 5-year warranty with their productsMore difficult to connect and control compared to Lutron  
Extremely easy to set upFeatures more expensive productsSeveral Leviton products don’t require a Hub to work 
More versatile and easier to control Can be controlled with both WiFi and Z Wave technology