Ring Rechargeable Battery | How Long Do They Last For?

Ring offers a wide variety of products including both hardwired devices and battery-operated ones as well. Those that run on batteries feature rechargeable batteries that need to be periodically recharged and eventually replaced as well. If you have a Ring device that runs on rechargeable batteries, this begs the question: How long do Ring rechargeable batteries last?

Ring rechargeable batteries will last anywhere from 6 to 12 months. The exact battery lifespan depends on various factors. This includes environmental factors, how many features you have turned on, setting preferences, type and age of the batteries, and so on. But, the average range is rarely less than 6 months or higher than 12 months. 

What Drains Ring Rechargeable Batteries the Fastest?

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As we mentioned, there are several factors affecting the battery life of your Ring devices. This is the case with most rechargeable batteries and not just with Ring. Batteries tend to drain faster when the devices are under heavy use. As a result, here are a few factors that drain the lifespan of Ring’s rechargeable batteries fast.

High Number of Events: This has to do with both Ring cameras and doorbells as well. But, it affects cameras the most. When a Ring device is constantly online and recording constant movement, the batteries tend to drain faster. This can include a lot of traffic on your street, a lot of visitors, maybe pets that turn on the motion detectors, and more. Try adjusting the motion sensors to be less sensitive so that they aren’t constantly activated for no reason.

Extreme Temperatures: Another factor that greatly affects how long the battery life will be is way too hot or cold weather conditions. It may not be a problem for your indoor Ring cameras, but it’s an issue for the doorbells. If the temperature is outside of the optimal performance temperature for all Ring devices then the batteries will suffer quite a lot. You will have to recharge them more often and even replace them much faster as well.

Live View Enabled for Long Periods of Time: Even though Live View is an important feature of Ring cameras, it also takes a toll on the batteries. This is because when you have enabled Live View, the camera is turned on and constantly recording. As a result, it uses more power than when Live View is turned off. When Live View isn’t enabled the cameras are in stand-by mode and aren’t constantly recording. This ensures that the rechargeable batteries last much longer. 


Given that you use your Ring devices under normal circumstances, the rechargeable batteries inside will last between 6 and 12 months. This amount of time can shorten if you constantly use Live View, if the devices aren’t in their optimal temperature range, and if you have every single feature, such as motion sensors, set to high. 

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