Will Lutron Caseta Work Without Wifi?

Lutron Caseta is one of the most popular, versatile, and connected smart lighting control device brands out there. Caseta devices offer a lot of control when it comes to the lighting in your home. You can easily control & set the lights, adjust shades, cue your Sonos speaker, and more by simply telling Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri what you want. 

Does Lutron Caseta Without Internet?

One of the best features of Lutron Caseta devices is that they will work without WiFi. How does that work? Well, each device by Lutron Caseta only requires WiFi for the initial setup. Once that’s done, you can completely disable their WiFi connection and they will be synced together as long as there is a power supply. 

How Does Lutron Caseta Function Without WiFi?

All Lutron Caseta devices can connect and function perfectly without WiFi by using something called Clear Connect RF. This is basically a radio frequency that we rarely access or use for important tasks or communication. Because of this, Caseta devices are free to communicate with the Smart Bridge and work without the internet. 

In addition, the Clear Connect RF will ensure that your Lutron Caseta devices don’t interfere with your WiFi, causing it to slow down or weaken its signal. Caseta has clearly designed these devices to be easy to use, set up, and worth having. As we mentioned, the only time that you’re going to need an internet connection is the first time you set your Lutron Caseta devices up. 

This relates to connecting a Lutron Caseta device to the Smart Bridge. The Smart Bridge is a central hub that allows you to sync all of your Caseta devices. Then, you can control all of those devices by giving orders to the Smart Bridge from the app. In addition, the Smart Bridge gives that information to each Caseta device and tells them what to do. 

The best part of all of this is that you don’t need a WiFi connection at all. The Smart Bridge sends out information to all of your Caseta devices through the Clear Connect radio frequency.


Now you know that Lutron Caseta works without a WiFi connection. You can easily control all of your Caseta devices through a radio frequency that Caseta uses called Clear Connect. By doing so, you aren’t relying on an internet connection at all and you are making sure that you don’t slow down your internet speed by connecting more devices to it. 

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