Wyze Camera Error Code 06 (Quick Fix)

If you purchased the Wyze camera and you suddenly get a Wyze error code 06. This can be a frustrating thing because you need your camera working. Many users are troubled by this issue that’s why we made a guide on why this error 06 appears and what are the possible fixes. So, let’s begin.

How to Fix Wyze Camera 06

Wyze Error Code 06

Step 1: Remove the Wyze plus license from your cam

This is the first and most important step. You need first to remove your Wyze license from the cam.

Step 2: Uninstall the camera

Uninstall your camera, uninstalling your camera will remove all the corrupted files from it.

Step 3: Unplug the Wyze Base Station

It is important to unplug your Wyze base station for a couple of minutes. This will make sure that when you plug it back in everything works as it should.

Step 4: Plug your base station and install the camera

In this step, you need to plug in your base to your camera and start the install process.

Step 5: Record 12-second clips with motion activation for a day

This is a crucial step for you to see if there is something wrong with the camera. If everything goes well then go to step six.

Step 6: Activate the Wyze Plus

This is the last step. In this step, you need to activate your Wyze Plus license on the camera in order for it to work properly. If everything goes well, after this step you shouldn’t have any issues with the camera in the future.

Other things to try:

Make sure that everything is connected properly

Check your Wyze Camera and make sure that everything is connected. Check the cable because they are known to cause wobbling are prone to showing errors like this.

Check your internet connectivity

Make sure that your device is connected to the internet all the time and is not losing the signal. Losing the signal may cause some errors to appear. It is mostly error 90, but in some cases, the Wyze error 06 started to appear on devices that had prone connectivity.

Check your mobile internet

Make sure that you have stable internet when you open your Wyze app. This is important because if the connection is not stable and jumps, it may cause the app to lose connection and give some crash codes

Update your camera firmware

Keeping your camera up to date will give you some advantages and your app or camera will not be prone to crashing. If everything is up to date, the user experience will be perfect.

Delete the app and reinstall it

This is also a useful tip; you can try to reinstall the app. Apps usually if ran for a long time store a lot of cache files that will cause the app to show an error.


We discussed why the Wyze camera error code 06 appears and how you can solve this issue. The most important thing is to remove the Wyze license and then reapply it again. This will most likely sort your issue with the camera.

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